Grappa di Monovitigno Primitivo

brillant and transparent.

typical and intense.

Lingering and firm.

Alcohol Content:
40% alc. vol.

Many times some of these Grappe di Monovitigno (made with grape-marc of a single vine's variety) won the Italian Challenge "Alambicco d'Oro". The different qualities of grape-marc we distilled are: Chardonnay, Cabernet, Prosecco, Pinot, Sauvignon and Moscato and their distillates reflect the character and the typical perfumes of the original grape. Five "grappa" with different structure and smoothness in order to satisfy the most exigent sommelier.

In the production of Grappa di Monovitigno Primitivo, in order to faithfully respect the characteristics of each grape variety, the fresh skins are stored into large containers and immediately sent for distillation. They produce a fine, supremely elegant Grappa with mellow fragrances and a pleasing softness.