After Dinner


13 July 2018

By Iacopo Pilati, bar manager  of cocktail bar Terrazza12, Milano

For the cocktail:
• 20 ml Amaretto della Casa, Negroni Antica Distilleria
• 40 ml Myers’s dark rum
• 10ml Crème de peché de vigne, Briottet
• 1 Dash Bitter Bastards, Cocoa

Long Stir & strain

Vintage tulip glass

Small amaretto flavoured meringues

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Stir well to allow the products to dilute better and single strain onto an ice chunk in a vintage tulip glass.
Decorate with small amaretto flavoured meringues.
This Piedmontese signature drink is inspired by a local summer dessert, that is baked peaches filled with amaretti and cocoa; this delicious filling is often mixed with rum, hence the idea of creating a cocktail evoking the same taste and aromas of this traditional recipe. The main ingredient is Amaretto della Casa, Negroni Antica Distilleria, 25% abv, obtained by macerating bitter almonds in alcohol.
This infusion is enhanced with vanilla and cocoa beans to add a soft and elegant bouquet. It has the intense aroma of bitter almonds, sweet and balanced on the palate, with a long almond finish.
A perfect combination of amaretto, peach cream and unsweetened cocoa bitters, with an alcoholic base of Jamaican dark rum with a particularly syrupy prole and plenty of warm spices.