Milla flip

After Dinner

Milla flip

28 July 2018

By Domenico Cannillo, bar manager of cocktail bar S-Club, Fregene (Roma)

For the cocktail:
• 25 ml Chamomile Liqueur, Negroni Antica Distilleria
• 40 ml Cardenal Mendoza brandy
• 20ml Cocchi Americano
• 1 Dash Home-made incense bitters
• 10 ml Fresh orange juice
• 1 Egg yolk

Dry shake-Hard
shake & strain (Flip style)

Vintage tumbler glass,
vintage box

Flower bouquet, orange peel

Mix all ingredients in a Parisian cocktail shaker and dry shake to blend the yolk with the other products; shake again with ice, filter in the vintage tumbler and decorate with orange peel and a bouquet of flowers.

A floral take on a Flip cocktail - a category of drinks traditionally made with spirit, eggs, sugar and spices - our recipe, which includes many ingredients evoking the preparation of wine such as brandy and the “Americano” aperitif, turns out to be very complex in flavours and tastes, perfectly combining the balance and complexity of Cardenal Mendoza with the freshness of Cocchi Americano and the spicy notes of home-made incense bitters. Finally, the egg yolk gives the drink a compact, almost creamy texture, elegantly lacing all the ingredients together. The floral twist is given by the addition of Chamomile Liqueur, Negroni Antica Distilleria, 32% abv; soft, balanced, with persistent notes of fresh flowers, it was awarded the international gold medal at ISW 2016.