Vecchia Venezia

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Vecchia Venezia

16 July 2018

By Roberto Giudici, bar manager  of cocktail bar Bove's, Milano

For the cocktail:
• 45 ml Elixir Veneziano, Negroni Antica Distilleria
• 20 ml Homemade saffron syrup
• 30 ml Citric orange juice
• 15 ml Albumin
• 1 Splash Soda water

Dry shake, Hard Shake & Strain (Silver fizz style)

Collins glass

Orange peel

Combine all ingredients (except soda) in a shaker; dry shake to mix the parts with albumin and then hard shake on ice. Single strain into a collins glass, complete with a splash of soda to add volume to the drink's firm foam. Decorate with grated orange zest.
A modern take on a classic Silver fizz, a refreshing summer cocktail that is easy to drink. Again, home-made ingredients play a key role in the structure of this cocktail, made with citric orange juice, i.e. orange juice blended with citric and malic acids to make orange taste and smell a lot like lime.
This lime properties are more intense and effective during the blending phase. The alcohol base is provided entirely by Elixir Veneziano, Negroni Antica Distilleria, 26% abv, a delicious liqueur with a varied composition, including Raboso Piave wine, with fresh juice of black cherries and plums from the Venetian countryside, an infusion of Treviso Red Radicchio and a small percentage of Grappa. This ruby-red elixir with intense fruity aromas turns out to be sweet and dry, with a subtle note of bitter radicchio blending with warm taste of saffron.