Golden sun

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Golden sun

31 July 2018

By Luca D’amato, bar manager  of cocktail bar-bistrot, Baccano, Roma

For the cocktail:
• 80 ml Chamomile Liqueur, Negroni Antica Distilleria
• 15 ml Sherry Fino Lustau, Puerto Fino
• 6 Drops Bob’s bitter mandarin & orange
• 25 ml Fresh ginger and lime combo mix
• 15 ml Albumin
• Top Soda water

Dry shake; Shake & strain (Ramos fizz style)

Vintage goblet glass

Candied ginger

Combine all ingredients inside the shaker, except soda; shake vigorously without ice, to allow the product to blend effectively with albumin, which will give the cocktail a soft, foamy texture. Shake again vigorously for a lengthy amount of time, this time with ice, then single strain into the vintage goblet.
Top with soda to make the white foam even firmer. Decorate with candied ginger.
An interesting take on the traditional IBA Ramos Fizz, with a complex spicy flavour enhanced by unexpected oxidised notes of fresh flowers that balance the aromatic richness of the cocktail; Chamomile Liqueur, Negroni Antica Distilleria, 32% abv, makes a perfect match for the strong character of fine sherry, easing its typically dry notes with unique softness.
The fragrant, floral after-taste of chamomile makes the cocktail uniquely balanced and adds an enveloping persistent aroma.